The Parish of Hampton Bishop lies immediately to the south east of the City of Hereford. The Parish is very irregular in shape, bordered to the south by a meander of the River Wye, to the north and east by the River Lugg which flows into the wye, and to the west by its boundary with the city. The parish contains the village Hampton Bishop, a small horseshoe shaped village where most of the population lives, and the smaller settlements around the Cock of Tupsley and across the road into the Netherwood area, as well as other small pockets of houses.

The Parish had a population of 479 residents at the time of the 2001 Census of Population, and covers an area of 838 hectares. The Parish has a Parish Church, St Andrew's, and a Village Hall.

The local pub, the "Bunch of Carrots", is located in the centre of the village on the B4224 next to a meander in the River Wye. Legend has it that it is named after a rock curiously shaped like a bunch of carrots, which is visible when the river's water level is low.

Hampton Bishop offers beautiful scenic views, country walks, a nature reserve, stunning features and buildings, regular family events and much more.